Nutrition for Kids

Children of today’s generation are born with technology gadgets around them and by the time they are 4 years of age they are so hooked to these gadgets such as iPad or laptop or mobile phone etc. Most are gaming addicts and are interested in indoor and cyber games than playing outdoors.

But, sitting at home in front of the computer or playing on the iPad has a bad effect on the child’s physical strength, growth and fitness. Children should play in the outdoors and exert themselves in physical activities for at least an hour daily. Encourage your child to participate in activities that are age-appropriate, enjoyable and offer variety! We all want super smart child development in today’s time due to competitive environment

It is better to address these patterns early than late. The learning that they hold at this age, continues for lifelong

A good Nutrition plan right from the weaning stages until the teenage stages of life considering each growth pattern alongside with child development goes hand in hand

At RESET Nutrition, WE will provide a customized nutrition plan for your child, designed according to their age group, activity, lifestyle, culture, taste and liking. Our Nutrition plans will provide your child with the nutrients that will help your child get the best all round development and height. The idea is inculcating smart eating habit in your child rather & building a good relationship with the food that they eat. We make it easy for the mothers to decide on menu planning for their child which is more structured, balanced and delectable. Give your kid a gift of healthy life

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