Fat Loss

As a nutritionist, I am often asked on weight loss. I have lots of people coming up to me with a target of losing xyz kg in xyz months or losing that belly fat or for on spot reduction. And, to achieve this they are ready to give up on their food, gym twice a day, buy expensive foods. Weight management is very important when it comes to professional and personal life.

But they fail to realize that fat loss is 70 % nutrition and 30 % exercise

The most challenging cases for a Dietitian are perhaps – Weight Loss! Why – because, each case is unique and the most important task is to find out the root cause of weight gain (which, contrary to popular belief, is not always overeating or lack of physical activity). It is prudent that the underlying cause be identified and targeted, not only to ensure sustainable weight loss but also because these reasons are linked to diseases in waiting as well. Genetic predisposition, low BMR, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal disturbance, chronic mild dehydration etc. are few recognized causes of weight gain.

However, if adjusting your diet, water intake, exercising more and controlling your stress and sleep hasn’t helped you reach a healthy body weight, check your mineral status. You may be suffering from deficiencies because the nutritional value of the produce has been steadily degrading for the last couple of decades.

Obesity is the root cause of several lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Heart Stroke, Heart Disease, High blood pressure etc. Watch yourself before diseases take over your life. Achieve your ideal weight as per your body’s requirement with the help of our effective weight loss plan

At RESET, find a long term solution while you are under a specialised Nutritionist, who can help understanding the relevant changes that you need to make to get your body in frame of correct health and weight.

Diet Plan Features

•  Close Monitoring

•  7 day personalized Nutrition plans

•  Constant surveillance

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