At R.E.S.E.T Nutrition, individual and group nutrition counseling and education is provided by an experienced nutrition professional. Founder, Anjum Syed, is a Dietitian/ Nutrition Educator and Health Coach who provides nutrition and behavior counseling for general nutrition and wellness needs, weight loss and various medical conditions for adults and children.

I have been a Holistic Nutrition Consultant for over 10 years. My passion is teaching, guiding and coaching my clients to live healthier lives- body, mind and soul. I believe that being healthy is not just the food we eat, but encompasses our emotional well-being, our stress levels, our sleep patterns, our relationships, our spiritual or religious paths and beliefs.

On a daily basis, I tell my clients that “everybody is different” which means there is no shortcut approach to healthy living and nutrition. As your Dietitian and Coach, I will help you assess the complete picture and together we will devise an R.E.S.E.T Nutrition healthy living plan designed just for you.

As part of my approach, I like to teach my clients how to make small, realistic changes in their lifestyle. I feel all foods can fit into a healthy way of eating- there are no good or bad foods. I do feel that there are good, better and best food choices. I also teach and live by three principles- moderation, variety and balance.

You are not alone! At Reset Nutrition, we are there to support, teach, encourage, and motivate you along the road to reaching your goal. Personal coaching is a substantial part of your success. With our guidance, you begin to understand how different foods work to balance your metabolism and which foods hinder your progress. This knowledge is invaluable for reaching and maintaining a healthy, slim, and vitalized lifestyle for the rest of your life!


I have been interested in nutrition and the amazing power of whole foods my entire life. I learned first-hand about the healing abilities of foods and the importance and benefits of a natural diet when I chose to study Foods and Nutrition as my specialization from the capital city of India, Mumbai and then went ahead to complete my Masters in Dietetics.

Although I received Master’s in Dietetics and Food Service Management, my passion for health and fitness led to study specialization in Sports Nutrition & Pediatric Nutrition.

I have been actively involved in conducting various workshops and seminars on topics related to health, nutrition, lifestyle, disease and most importantly, sports nutrition. I have worked in a variety of settings: hospitals, colleges, gym, fitness centres, Sports academies and pediatric practices.

I aim to devote my entire career to making health and fitness something that’s achievable and attainable for every type of person, from every walk of life. Being myself a mother of two boys and being diagnosed with PCOS at a young age lead to a deep curiosity and passionate quest to discover how our body is able to heal itself given the correct diet and lifestyle, as well as a desire to share this information with others.

Ways to R.E.S.E.T. your health

This section emphasizes the importance of adequate sleep, which plays a vital role in our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It also is a reminder to release toxins. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and visualization are examples of ways to release emotional stress and negative energy, and detoxification techniques help remove internal stressors such as toxic waste from our body.

Hippocrates' statement "Let food be thy medicine ..." accurately expresses the healing properties of food. A balanced diet filled with a wide range of wholesome, natural foods is filled with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients that enable the body to repair, rebuild, and restore health. Processed, altered foods with chemical additives contain very few if any nutrients and have the opposite effect on the body. Protein, carbohydrate, and fat ratios, as well as the type of foods, differ among individuals depending on factors such as background, genes, metabolic type, food sensitivities, and other imbalances.

Nutritional supplements are an important component of resetting our health in today's society. The depletion of nutrients in our food due to chemicals, pesticides, and no rotation time between crops, as well as processed foods and the uncertain health side effects of GMO's have resulted in a spiraling decrease of nutrients in our food supply. In addition, internal and external stressors may cause nutritional imbalances that interfere with optimal functioning.

The benefits of exercise are numerous. It has been shown to improve mood due to mood-enhancing chemicals that are released, as well as energy, self-esteem, and the ability to cope with stress. It may also strengthen the heart, improve body composition, build healthy bones, muscles and joints, and lower blood pressure.

Laboratory testing is a tool that allows us to investigate underlying causes of symptoms and complaints. By peeling away the layers through a series of saliva, urine and blood tests, we can discover hidden stressors that would have otherwise gone unknown. It enables us to correct imbalances and restore function to our immune, detoxification, digestion, and hormone systems.

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